Your Private Practice’s Brand Personality Starts with you

Brand personality is the human characteristics extended to a brand that helps customers relate to it. Its comprised of voice, tone, and interest and sets the parameters of other parts of your branding like logo and design. Branding is essential to all businesses, including yours as a healthcare provider. While other industries have the luxury of revolving their branding around the products or services they offer, your brand as a physician heavily relies on you as an individual. I came across this article published by PostFunnel that outlines the importance of brand personality and references the different types. The article is worth a read, but I wanted to touch on the topic in relation to physicians, so you have a greater context to the benefits of it.

When attending to your patients your interactions must be authentic, professional, and pleasant experiences. Your attitude, body language and ability to effectively explain medical information in terms that they understand are all part of your private practice’s brand personality. When a person is looking for a new physician or medical specialist, they heavily rely on patient reviews or word of mouth in the first stages of their search. This is where your brand personality will be referenced first, and a positive experience is crucial. Your brand personality and the way it resonates with your patients is a direct tie to them choosing you as their choice physician, giving positive recommendations and growing your business.

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