Artificial Intelligence Taking Over

I can remember growing up watching movies about future technology the world was going to have like flying cars or how robots were going to take over the world. While neither of those has happened yet, the prediction that artificial intelligence (AI) would one day be a force to reckon with is accurate. Technology has come a long way since I was watching those movies wide-eyed and pondering what the future would look like, it changes so rapidly that we can barely keep up. AI has become a tool that can boost operating efficiencies, increase sales, and smooth the customer service path.

I believe that AI will change the trajectory of Marketing. The advancements have allowed marketers to track customer behaviors on a large scale and quickly synthesize the data about them. This can help businesses provided hyper-personalized communication with existing and future clients. By delivering such personalized communication, brands can reach customers at precise moments along their purchasing journey. It also enhances in navigating customer service issues by predicting the next steps for company representatives based on clients’ current and historical transactions. This in itself can be huge as many consumers will stop doing business with a brand based on negative experiences.

Salesforce Einstein

 With AI taking most of the guesswork out of customer service, sales, and content generation, marketers can spend more time on creating innovative ways to enhance the customer experience. A program that caught my attention and I would like to explore further is the salesforce Customer 360 platform. Customer 360 is a single platform that integrates the brand’s AI assistance, Einstein. This program allows a business to link their sales, eCommerce, customer service, and customer journey data to deliver unique and relevant experiences for every client. In a world were technology has made personalization a norm; it would virtually be impossible for businesses to survive growing consumer expectations without personalizing their communication. As consumers now expect introductory levels of customization, top brands are moving towards tailored customer experiences to remain memorable within the consumer mind. Advancements in AI are shifting the world of marketing, and I want to be ahead of the curve when all brands finally take part.